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Thursday, 10 January 2013


You helped me express,
You made me write,
You pondered all over my brain
I weaved tales with you
I made friends because of you
You helped me aid my agony

I unveiled my gift because of you
I wrote pages after pages
you gave life to my dreams
You gave me the power of creation
Place, garden and castles
Protagonist, antagonist and comedian
I made them my puppets
I ruled their thoughts and emotions
I felt powerful and gifted

You made me successful
You made me feel worthy
Oh my dear words!
You are so powerful
You make my world revolve
But I do want you to fail me
When I don't want to express
When I don't want to hurt
When I want the secrets to die with me
So you don't die as they reveal!


  1. Yeah, words are the only jewels I possess. Nice write.

  2. the theme and essence of words captured beautifully in a holistic way..

    lovely verses..

  3. Hi Gayathri,

    Indeed, words do help us in getting a lot out of our lives. They act like enrichment to our otherwise monotonous life. Beautifully written poem. :)


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  4. Yes, words and the beauty and power of it. Even I have written something on the same theme when I completed 6 months in blogging. Read it whenever you find time:

    1. Hi Saru..! Good to see your comment here.. :) You know what I have read this poem of yours once when I was going through your blog :) Honestly, when I was publishing this poem I thought of this poem of yours :) Thank you for giving it a read!

    2. That's so sweet of you. Your poem is so honest, when you love writing it shows in your work. Glad to be here :)

  5. Nice lines.. I really liked the last few lines where you wrote about wanting your words to fail you instead of hurting people and revealing secrets.. That was very thoughtful.. :)


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