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Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Treasure! :)

You made me smile again
You made me do things I had quit
When life turned me down
you stood up for me
You were there during my hard times
I found someone I can trust again
You accepted me and my imperfections
I was a mess and you smiled at me
With every step I took forward
I turned to check if you were there
You nodded your head reassuringly
I started trusting again
There were times you were guiding me
Most of the times you stood next to me
Holding my hand and lending a shoulder
You backed me when I lost confidence in myself
I know you will be there if my world left me

Off you go miles away in search of life
The distance scares me
My worries increase as I think of losing you
I hope we don’t become strangers
And taken away by the tricks played by time
At this point I promise I will never leave you
And will love you forever
I don’t know what I feel for you
But I know the feeling is strong
Which will only grow endlessly
Endless enough to hurt me
When the fairy tale is broken
When reality srikes my head
To give me another heart break! 
Yet I will not stop loving you
For you are a rare treasure
That came to me on its own! J


  1. Very nice,simple and sweet. Although I don't understand much of poetry, but this one is cool and simple :)


  2. Lovely.. :) May the fairy tale never end.. :)


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