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Monday, 26 November 2012


Everytime you promise that you will not leave me
I fail to express how that makes me feel
My heart deny to accept that it is real
The promises and the unconditional love
You still come back after a fight
This is so new and abnormal to me,
And I go aphonic in happiness and joy
Because they have only promised but never stayed

And when I am afraid of losing you
I run those words again and again
My eyes full of tears I hope to God
That you should stay with me forever
For now it's too late to go back to where I was
If you leave me you will take my world with you
The path I travelled with you vanishes forever
Leaving a vacuum behind, that can never be filled

I want to clench your hand so tight
That nobody can take you away from me
You made me smile again and I am always grateful to you
Thank you for always being there for me
Thank God for sending you to me
Thanks to me for finally letting someone invade my world
I don't regret that a second and I know I never will... 


  1. hmm as always a better one in such genre!

  2. The feeling of finding someone like that, its very unique, beautiful, and comes through in your poem yaar. Good one, Gayu!

    1. Thank you Leo ! :) Good to have such comments from you!


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