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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Weekend Plans!

The first time someone asked me about my weekend plans I went blank then blinked for a while and said “mmmm…nothing as such! Just watch TV, books, spend time with family that’s all.” The person who had asked me said good. So the next time when I met someone I asked So what’s up? What are the plans for your weekend? Then they say the same thing I said the other person in a different order. Many a times I have thought this question is totally meaningless. Why do you need a plan for the weekend? To most of us it is a time for leisure I have spent my weekends doing absolutely nothing but plant myself infront of the TV watching nothing but surfing all the channels hoping I might get to watch something I like! I think at least few of us do it almost all the weekends.

Today I had training on US culture and that’s where I found that the people in US actually plan their weekends well in advance! So when someone asks them, “Hey! What’s the plan for your weekend?” they would happily line up a number of items. But to us we don’t have a plan we never plan things in advance well OK atleast I don’t until it is a long distance travel or booking a movie ticket. I spend most of my time at home or I just plan something for the moment call a friend and we just go!

So next time when you ask someone from country about their weekend plans get ready to hear the mundane reply because we don’t really have a plan! J


  1. yeah, I totally agree with you Gayathri. I feel planing will always make us do better works than just sitting in front of TV. At least now people will think about this by seeing your blog. :)

  2. agreed.. we keep on doing it without knowing about the whys and the wherefores..
    facebook and twitter are replete with messages like happy weeekend these days which is more often than not irritating..
    if someone asks me and i dont wanna tell .. the answers they generally get are 'making an N bomb' or 'travelling to andromeda' :)

    1. lol that's funny! :) Thank you for stopping by! :)


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