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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Let Go

Dusting off my diary, I go through the pages
Page by page, date by date,
I have had all the moments,
Happy and sad,
Frustrating and depressing,
Lovely and chaotic,
Few pages were soaked in tears,
While the others smiled at me,

It told me a lot of things
I had been through a lot of paths
When a door closed the other had opened
When one hurt, another pacified.
When one left, someone else came
While the ones I loved ignored me
The ones I kept ignoring loved me more
While few broke my heart
Few came to mend it
There were surprises and shocks
Betrayals and backstabbing
Friends who turned traitors
Friends who loved me with my messiness

Yet the pages brought a smile on my face
Everything happened for a reason
A reason that eventually gave me happiness
The events gave me a precious lesson
I lost the bad and the bitter
The ones who plotted behind my back
They made me feel insecure and sad
Now I finally got rid of them
But the rage is still there, I closed my eyes
And my heart said, "Let go"

Let go off the bitterness, let go off the sorrow
Let go off the rage, let go off the regret
The ones who love you will always stay
The ones who are to be in your life will stay
Let go off the ones who spoil your happiness
Let go off the ones who don't deserve your love
Let go off the ones who can think only about themselves
Let go off the past for you have a beautiful future
Let go off the sorrows for today is present
Start it afresh with what you have, with whom you love
All the sorrowful ends always have a happy beginning :)


  1. Yes Gayathri, very rightly said.
    Indeed, we have to learn to let go of things which are of little use in our lives at the present moment. Always try to look forward through the windshield rather than constantly checking the rear-view mirror.
    good job done. keep it up :)



  2. Great Poetry , with deep meaning filled in :)

  3. beautiful poetry ,loved it


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