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Monday, 14 November 2011

You are not stressed, you need a breather!

Sometimes, our colleagues mercilessly go on sick leave, especially when the others are on planned leave. These are the times you have to handle all their mailboxes and pending activities single handed. Most of the time escalations pop in(I seriously don't understand how these guys get an escalation when they are on leave and I am working!) you are hammered for the mistakes they did. Your manager doesn't allow you to pee! You cannot work peacefully.

How do you feel during these times stressed? Nah! That's an understatement! I am stuck up in one such situation and it's quite funny that I am still writing a blog on what I do when you are stressed! I am not at all good at managing stress, given my bad temper and impatient nature it's very easy to provoke me. 

Today I am exasperated! I don't really want to work anymore, I don't want work on others mess ups, I don't want to listen to the ranting anymore, I don't want to prepare status e-mails and even my own reports that has to be delivered today. I simply don't want to clean the shit of someone else! I am sure many of you would have come across such a situation. What do you during these times?

You know what I did? It's very hilarious actually -

1) I drank 8 coffees till now (coz I don't smoke to let out stress).
2) I read the blogs of my favourite authors.
3) Fortunately, my friends pulled me. Yes they literally pulled me from my seat and took me for a break. it reminded me of the Airtel ad - Har ek friend zaroori hota hai.
4) I took long breathe while my clients kept scolding me without letting me explain.
5) I put the phone on mute and went offline in the messenger.
6) I listened to songs.
7) I banged my desk so many times from morning to threaten my desk mate. I really didn't keep count.
8) I used my favourite F word a million times.
9) I yelled at my mother when she called to check if I had food in-time and immediately called her to apologize.

But before writing this blog, I took a breather and isolated myself for some time. I really felt everything I mentioned above funny. Man! I am grown up now and I really have to understand my responsibilities. I cannot enjoy my time always, a team does face difficult times and lending support is very much required. Most of the times we tend to behave immatured when we are given more responsibilities than the ones we are already handling we feel irritated and that's because we are pulled off our comfort zone, we are made to work harder than before. But we fail to recognize that this is team work and this happens when we go on leave too. We can always negotiate with our manager who do understand that we are humans and we cannot work after a point of time. I also realized that a proper break is required for your brain to concentrate back in your work. This way our mind gets diverted and we don't get stressed.

So next time when you are stressed.. just take a breather! Don't go for a fag and create more holes in the ozone layer, instead call a loved one or talk to your mother, even better spend some time with you! :)


  1. Thought provoking post :D

  2. Gayathri,

    Welcome to world of IT... we are ALL the same, whether we work for an Indian IT firm or an MNC. Trust me, soon enough you will learn to take it all in your stride, you'll see enough of your colleagues drift to myriad of job changes, obsession changes and project changes... you'll meet people who will walk out on their responsibilities but will hog on your credit, you'll see enough "maska-polish" for credits and silly politics over increments and promotion...

    There are way toooooo many occassions when you'll feel like just walking out of situations. Even breathers won't help. There will be times when you'll dream of putting a knife through someone's heart (usually managers). Life in IT is like that ethereal "Shadi ka laddu"...where those who have it don't want it...those who have not...want it desperately...

    I hope at times like these you will remember to take the breather you are advocating...

    All the best.... :)

  3. @atinytoes - Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :)
    @Anonymous - sometimes it is good to get accustomed to these things as you know it coming and will keep coming! :) Liked the shadi ka laddu part..! thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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