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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Dream

It was a dark and stormy night, I was spending my weekend at my lonely house that is 30 kms out of the city. Although the wild sea and the deafening thunder threatened me, I loved the weather as this is rare in a city like Chennai. Also, it was a special day for me, Dushyant was coming home for dinner. Dushyant is a colleague and a good friend of mine, the man I had proposed 2 weeks back. His silence after me revealing my love for him killed me every moment. But this morning, he had called me to ask if it would be fine if he takes me out for a dinner, he also told that he’s got a surprise for me. I had suggested him to come home, which he readily accepted.
You came to mend a broken heart, you gave my life a brand new start and now I am in love… You took my heart away.. I was preparing dinner listening to my all time favourite MLTR and was humming along. A loud thunder and the power went off. “Damn!” I told myself and turned around to bang on the kitchen counter. Although I was afraid of dark, I did not turn on the inverter as I felt lighting candles would make the ambience more romantic. My toe hurt and I limped to the bedroom looking for the candles, it was in the cupboard. When I finished lighting the last candle the door bell rang. I ran to open the door, it was him the man of my dreams. A lightening struck which made him look more handsome, my eyes were fixed on him.
“Hey Sam!” He smiled. If there can be one thing that could make me forget the world it is his smile!
“Hi Dushyant! Welcome abode!” I reached to hug him but he went back.
“Hey I am all wet, you know .. I uh.. got wet in the rain while parking the car and.. Well! I am wet!” He raised one of his brows.
“That’s OK I don’t mind getting wet.” I mumbled, he laughed and hugged me, I led him into the house holding his hand.
“My god it’s pouring out there, the roads are so filled with water and driving back is damn.. and this lightening it’s blinding! Shit I so badly hate rains!” He was cursing the rain and was talking non-stop as always.
“Dusyant! It’s rain and you cannot stop nature. Chill! And stop sulking, don’t scold the rain!” I calmed him. He has always hated rain!
“Whoa! No power.So what happened to the inverter?” He questioned. I have always wondered if he can keep quiet for a minute!
“I like it like this!” I smiled.
“Mmm-hmm, nice smell! let me guess. Aloo mattar.” He sniffed and went to the kitchen.
“No wait, let me bring it to the dining table!” I stopped him.
” What is this formality all of a sudden madam? Let me help you!” He ran before me. The hyper enthusiastic man can never be stopped. He’s a whirlwind, Stronger than the storm that’s blowing few roofs out there! I went behind him, admiring him.
We brought the dishes together to the dining table. By the time, we got ready to eat, the wind was rasher and the rain was hitting the window panes harder.
“God this is creepy!” I exclaimed.
He smiled and took a box out of his pocket. The platinum diamond ring glittered in the mild candle light. He moved away from the table, knelt down and held my hand, “It was the first day of you at our office and when I saw you I felt like we belonged to each other. I enjoyed spending time with you, every single moment with you is precious to me and I have always cherished them. On the day you proposed me, I was on cloud 9 coz I always thought that you were interested in Pratik.” I gave a confused smile and nodded my head in denial.“I love you more than anything else in this world. Will you marry me?”
Tears rolled off my eyes. “Yes! I definitely will” I told and bit my lower lip, he slipped the ring into my finger, hugged me and wiped my tears.
We heard the backdoor creaking. “Oh this door opens everytime it rains!” I threw my hands up.
“Doesn’t it have a latch?” He questioned looking in the direction from where the sound came.
“It does, but the door expands during rainy season and it’s tough to close. So I don’t I just keep a bucket full of water and it just stays intact.” I shrugged.
“Very safe!” he sighed, I started talking but he interrupted, “Sssh..” Dushyant gestured to keep quiet. We were able to hear the tapping noise from heels of the shoes and it was nearing the dining room. I was becoming pale in fear.
“let me go check.” He whispered and took a candle with him. I stopped him but he wanted to go. “Stay here.” He ordered.
Within few minutes, I saw Dushyant walking out with a knife stabbed in his stomach, “Run..” He shouted and fell in a pool of blood… and I woke up gasping, my eyes filled with tears blurring my vision. I looked at the clock beside the bed it showed 2 AM, I immediately turned to see my reason for being in this world, the love of my life sleeping like a baby next to me.
“Freak! What a nightmare!” I muttered and kissed him on his cheeks. He smiled with his eyes still closed and hugged me. The rain and the thunder continued deafening my ears, threatening me. I cuddled next to him and felt protected.

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