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Monday, 7 November 2011

Do you regret?

Sometimes we might want to befriend someone but we don’t have the guts to go and talk to them, sometimes we might want to compliment a colleague or a fellow wiproite but we don’t coz we don’t know them, sometimes we would want to say a loved one how much you love them but you don’t coz well they already know!, you are depressed and badly need a hug you don’t ask for it because the person whom you want to hug is the cause for you being depressed. Have you ever wondered why you don’t ask for what you want? Have you ever asked yourself why am I not asking for it? Why am I thinking so much to ask for a hug or kiss from a loved one? Why?

These things have happened to me too, I had a very bitter argument with my loved one and unfortunately we had to stay together as his sister is also a very good friend of mine, and unfortunately I was paying a visit over a little longer weekend of 4 days when we had this argument. We had a tiff on the very 2nd day after which we never spoke to each other, he moved away whenever he saw me and I on the other hand kept passing sarcastic comments when he was around, this continued through the rest of my stay. I was so badly hurt that I even decided to leave earlier than I planned because it was getting uncomfortable for him with me around and vice versa but for some reason he denied letting me go earlier than we planned. As time went by, we were getting comfortable with each other and apparently I missed spending time with him. While leaving he just kept looking at me packing things and said nothing, he followed me wherever I went. I wanted to give him a warm hug and apologize for whatever happened. I didn’t care to argue on whose mistake it was. It didn’t matter really matter. He was to drop me at the airport and when we went near the car I just blurted those golden words, “Hey, can I a farewell hug?” and at that time I saw the twinkle in his eyes, “Sure! Why not?” and he hugged me. Truly, that was the warmest hug I have had till today. We felt much better and very normal after that. When I got down at Chennai I got a text from him which said, “I would have died of guiltiness for spoiling your stay at my place if you hadn’t asked for that farewell hug. I am happy that you finally broke the ice!”

You would have come across similar instances too in your life and yes, that’s the right term, you should learn to break the ice. Also, you should know to clear out those pessimistic thoughts off the mind and stop asking all those “what if” questions. Let’s say that you are looking a girl/guy for a long time and you really want to talk to her/him. A series of questions appear in your head What if she doesn’t respond?, What if this doesn’t work out? What if she’s already got a boy/girl friend? What if this? What if that? And then you start answering those pointless questions and funniest part is you say yea! You are right so let’s just look at her/him and live with that pleasure I don’t want to take the pain of going and talking to her/him. Jeez! These are assumptions that your mind has made, but you never know reality is totally different. So why don’t you just go and discover it? If it works out you have the girl/guy you want, if you don’t you tried and you wouldn’t regret in future. Trust me, after 5 years when you think of this it’ll bring a smile on your face. It has to me. One of my friends who want to be a film maker always tells me, “Gayu, your life’s so interesting that I would probably make a movie about it. So please always stay in touch with me. I am sure there are more interesting stuff coming through.” :D My life’s interesting because I make it interesting. I want to talk to a guy I like, I go talk to him, I am angry I tell them that I am angry. I want to be their friend I talk to them and we eventually become friends, I like someone I tell them that I like them. So everything that you try is really worth it! So move your rear off that comfort zone and go talk to those you want to talk to, apologize, compliment, smile, cry, ignore, get angry and show it them. That’s all life is all about! Just do it now, If you don’t you better don’t think about it in future and regret it. But remember, you live your life just once and try to make in memorable. When you look back at the path you crossed the number of times you smile counts not the times you frown or cry that means you’ve led an awfully boring and painful life!

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  1. Gayatri this is v. good advice,so many of us live in shells which we fear to break.


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