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Monday, 10 October 2011

What's your gift?

I recently received a message, “Everyone’s gifted, and few never open their package.”
The specialty of this quote and why I still remember this is because when I posted this in FB as a status message a client of mine liked it. I am a great fan of him and he liked it!

That’s because the meaning of it runs really deep!

Everybody’s talented. Few can sketch you in minutes with so much ease with absolutely no training! Few have a beautiful voice, few natural dancers, but not all of them sharpen their skills. Worse of all few don’t even realize that they have such a talent hidden in them.

Back in January this year when my mother and I were cleaning the house, she picked a note book that I used in school, It had a poem that I wrote when I was 7 years old (I am not exaggerating, but I really had written a poem about brain.). She showed me the book and said, “See you wrote this poem.” She took another certificate I had received during the interschool competition – junior level for coming 2nd in writing competition. I had written something on Independence is what my mother told me. “So, I can write eh?” I looked at my mother doubtfully. “I don’t know, you’ll ask everything to me? How old are you 10?” she asked me as she rose one of her eyebrows and that means, “Don’t you have a brain of your own?”
Next week I was so bored I was discovering channelW, yea I visit the photogallery and all other stuff in the site, some entertainment we look for when we are bored to death. It was then,I saw the blogsphere and there I found a blog by me in 2008. I was like, “What me?” I had posted a touching forward I received then (I didn’t know I was violating some blogging policy then, so spare me). So I thought of penning down something that day, I was overwhelmed by the responses I received and that got me into writing. As I wrote more blogs I discovered the passion I had for writing. I also felt that god has gifted me with this talent, not many of them can pen down what they feel but I can and through that I can touch people’s heart. Isn’t that great? It absolutely is! When I write I forget everything around me and I feel happy. It gives me a sense of contentment.

All of us are really busy with this mundane life, but is this the way to live your life? Don’t you have a dream? Don’t you have a passion? When are you going to give some time for yourself? When are you going to discover the hidden talent in you? Come on, skip out of the routine and start discovering yourself I am sure it’s much more interesting than those status calls and weekly reports. I am sure it’s much more indulgent than Java or whatever coding language you know.

So yes, I opened my package and discovered the gift that was delivered to me when I was born.

Did you open yours?

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