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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Throw 'em out.

4 years back I had a friend with whom I was very close to, it was the time I joined Wipro and our gang drifted to various locations after training and so I got hooked up with this girl who was very lovely. She used to be behind me and always take care of me, initially I was a little confused and was also getting irritated about her taking so much care of me. Given the fact that we hardly spoke to each other during the training period I felt this was unwanted, moreover I was fine being alone. Slowly and stealthily she started occupying the major portion of my life and we became thick friends. We used to share every silly thing that happened to us, go together for lunch breaks, hang out over the weekends, she sends me lot of cards and gifts when we were still in the same location to surprise me. After a point of time, I became totally dependent on her and she didn't have a problem with it. When this was going on for nearly a year, there came a time when she started behaving totally weird, she stopped talking to me, wouldn't care to say a hi even if I was standing right in front of her. I tried confronting many times but that did not have an effect on her. For some reason, I did not exist in her life anymore and she didn't want me. I tried my best to know why she left me. I tried my best to get her back into my life. I would e-mail her, text her but everything went unanswered. She never told me why she stopped talking to me till today and of course I am absolutely not interested in knowing the reason anymore!

I remember reading this somewhere and have also heard many people say that "Every incident and every person in life teaches you a lesson." This friend of mine taught me a lesson too, how much ever you try to mend few situations in life you cannot, you try to explain a person how important they are in your life they will not understand because they don't care! You wish hard for few things to happen in life, it just doesn't happen and why? You don't know. What do you do in such situations? Stop crying for the one who left you, coz he/she is just not worth your tear, if they had really loved you the way you did they will not let you cry or they wouldn't have left you in first place. You wish for few things to happen it doesn't happen.  Fine! let it not happen, move on! You try hard to mend a situation, patch up with your friend after a quarrel, go back to them again and again justifying the things you did they don't respond you. Stop begging! Let them go. If they badly want you the way you want them, you wouldn't be begging them. They will come, sit and talk to you about that without you putting in so much effort!

Sometimes you have to throw 'em out of your life, give a damn to those who don't give a damn about you. Show them that you can be happy without them, after all they are happy without you so why can't you be? Understand the fact that you are not the only reason for things being so complicated now, they have their share too. So stop slogging, stop being hard on yourself for losing that person in life. Just remember he/she is just not worth you! You are very special and you deserve a better boy/girlfriend/friend/relative/whoever it is!

Enjoy life, stop complicating things! You will see the difference yourself! :)

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