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Friday, 18 November 2011

That thing called love!

You smile for no reason
talk alone
laugh for silly things
stay awake staring at the wall
treasure the mails sent by him
read a simple hi a thousand times
A handshake gives you chills
Those quick magical glances
waiting for that single moment to see him
A smile that leaves you mesmerized for days
That special song dedicated to him
Being lost in your own world
cute nothings and sweet preparations
Those many attempts to propose him
Getting worried when you don't see him for a long time
Those wandering eyes going in search of him
That bit of possessiveness
Those meaningless tears
The cherished talks
Butterflies in your stomach
You recognize his voice among millions
Identify him even in a huge crowd
You keep looking at his name
dream of tattooing his initial
Think of him in everything you do
Running behind a person just to realize that it is someone who resembles him
It makes the impossible, possible
It changes your world, brightens your life
And finally makes you surrender
The most daring becomes feeble in front of it
That thing called love can do anything to you :)


So, what do you think? :)