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Monday, 21 November 2011

Desi Hindi and The stylish English speaking girl!

I was listening to Yaad piya ke aane lagi song last night in one of the Hindi channels. God! It's been real long time since I listened to this cute song and this took me to my old school days when my friends and I used to compete to know the lyrics of each Hindi song. I was in my early teens then and it was when the Hindi pop albums were getting popular. Daler Mehendi, Alisha Chenoy, Sonu Nigam, Adnan Sami and many more! My best friend who lived right opposite to my house and I always led the race in knowing the lyrics of each song  as Hindi used to be our second language and for the love we had for this language  and the competition of course made us grasp the lyrics very quickly. We had a funny trick too, to remember the songs we had a separate diary in which we would write the lyrics of difficult songs and sing it when at home. In my school knowing these songs was a trend and if you speak Hindi you gain more friends especially the boys from North India likes to be with you because you speak their language! And Aila! We always made the other girls jealous.

Sometimes we take the guitar to our school play it and sing songs to attract more guys! Once we even helped one of our friends by singing for his first love the "hum bewafa" remix song and how can you forget the bheegi bheegi raton mein! She was totally impressed not with him but with our singing and guitar playing! One more person came in and a gang of 8 became 9. We slowly started luring the other students in our school. We formed a troop with a boy who played drums, another who can play keyboard very well, my friend played guitar and I sang. We gave a performance at our annual day group singing competition in which we sang the song that reminded me of these golden days! Yes, Yaad piya ke aane lagi.. hai.. bheegi..bheegi raaton mein!!! I love the dance steps and Riya sen was a diva for us at that time! :D And finally we became the desi gang of our class and school too!

Next attraction was English, speaking of this language it is so adorable and you can play with the words here.  The most comfortable and expressive language to communicate! I have always had a passion for this language and you know how it started? Well, I studied in a normal English Medium school till 5th standard where the basement was laid very strong as I moved to the next level for my studies I had to move to a different school too since my first school offered only primary education. Bigger school, bigger quality, bigger environment more bullying. Our school had the beautiful girls from our locality and every girl who joined this school had the natural thing to assume that they are beautiful and carried an attitude no matter if they are meant to have one! I found it difficult to gel with them when the best friend I was talking about in the first 2 paragraphs got hooked up with me. She introduced me to the other people in our gang. We started exchanging Tintin and Tinkle comics, Gokulam, Champak and many more childrens magazine. My aunt introduced me to nancy drew novels that time and when I was talking about this to my friends during lunch a girl from our gang whom I have always hated still wanted to impress because she was an attraction! Trust me! she looks like a doll! So this girl wanted to borrow a novel from me to see how it is! The next day, I promptly got a novel and handed it over to her. After a week she invited me home to return the novel. I went there with my best friend where she returned the novel to me. She told me thanks and I said, "That's OK!" and the girls started laughing at me the moment I uttered those 2 words. I was so confused on why I was made a laughing stock for using the right response! This incident disturbed me a lot and my quest to learn and speak English better started. I used to read 10 words from the dictionary and read it over and over till word spontaneously came to me when I spoke. I started watching English movies to learn the way they speak and to know how they respond to "thanks" or apology or greetings. I learnt calling the girls - girlies, boys - guys, dude! I say Yo man! After a point of time, I became the maestro of vocabulary and English Grammar. I was famously known as "that Stylish English speaking girl" .My scores in this particular subject had a drastic improvement and I taught Gerund to the same friend who laughed at me! Eventually, I also learnt that she did not speak English that well and saying, "That's OK" in response to thanks is right!

And this is how Desi Hindi and the trendy English occupied the major portion of my linguistic life! :)

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