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Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Beautiful

It’s been raining very heavily in Chennai for the past few days. I have always enjoyed the rain, especially the dampness after the heavy rains. I went to my terrace when the rain ceased for some time. And I found this beauty lying on the damp floor. It is a leaf that fell from the tree nearby (well, please spare me I am not good at botany/gardening so I don’t know the name of the tree). The presence of this leaf on the bare floor made it look artistic and beautiful.

And I got to write this after that –

I have withered and I might be old,
but I am still here beautifying you and myself,


  1. Gud Start.. Expecting more from u.. Comon..!!!

  2. I know you are very good in writing... but you are good in photograpy too.... still more personalities to come :P....
    a simple BIG WOW!!!!!


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