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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tanjavur Periya Koil - A magnificent piece of art!

It is a good thing that I decided to travel from this year. I get to tick few nearest places that I always wanted to go. Last weekend, I had gone to Tanjavur a place that is almost 500 KMS away from Chennai. This place is magnificence personified in the name of temple - Tanjavur Bragadeeshwarar Temple. Throughout the travel I couldn't wait to reach there. The moment I reached there, all I could do is gasp! It took my breath away and I wished I had more than a pair of eyes. :)

The moment I stepped into the temple I cannot stop wondering why this temple is not a part of world wonders, to me it is the 8th wonder. The type of architecture and imagination that’s gone into this temple that was built centuries ago is probably only an imagination for an architect these days. 

This temple is built by Raja Raja chozhan who is a very successful emperor of the Chozha dynasty. I must admit that I have developed a huge crush for this man ever since I visited this temple.

Travel to discover the world, travel to discover yourself :) It surely does change you in many ways!

I am sharing few photos from the trip to treat your eyes.

The entrance :) 

What you see below is a carving on stone in Tamil. It strolled and strolled around the temple wall. 

Stone statues around the temple.

What you see below is the flight (Gopuram) of the temple. The topmost part is built of one stone. The speciality of this flight is that it's shadow falls on it's own. :) 

This is supposedly a tub to store water is what my mother told me so as her baby I trust her. So yea, water storage tank or whatever.

These were paintings done centuries ago. These were found inside the flight that you saw above. They have been preserving it in a museum within the temple.

Look at the ceiling! :)

Lone pillar

The had created rooms for the soldiers inside the gopuram to hide during the time of war

This somehow reminded me of the pose the Karate kid (old version) uses to knock out his enemy.

One of the entrances into the temple.

The Raja Raja Chozhan himself :) (One without the beard)

Barrel used to fight the enemies then.

Another view of the temple

Found these 3 cuties there <3 b="">

And my favourite and famous Tanjavur thalayati bommai (their heads shake when touched) :)


  1. Awesome. Some times pics speak more than words. So elegantly captured and well written. Thanks for Sharing


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