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Thursday, 22 January 2015

We should have never met!

It haunts me day and night
Every bit of your thought gives me fright
I run from pole to pole
You follow me and rip my soul

Those sweet whispers in my ears
Those stealthy look that swept me 
The memories we gathered for years
Like collecting seashells on the shore

I walked too far to return
I tried too much to do it again
All the love I gave went in vain
Who thought life would take this turn?

I wish I could rub you off my brain
For my heart never listens to me
It follows the trail you left 
And gives me pain
I wish I could undo the past

Life is never fair
I know it is a war
Where both of us lost
For love is all we had
Hatred is all we have now
Yet your memories haunt me
I wish we had never met!


  1. Non-poetic poem !! Try not to use complete sentences. Let me try to do it for you, putting a para from your poem differently-

    Walked too far to return
    and tried too much to do it again.
    My love, went in vain,
    never thought life would take this turn.

    and so on..
    and try to choose a poetic title as well. Rest is fine. :)


  2. "..Life is never fair, I know it is a war...". And they say everything is fair in love and war.

    On another note, it's good to have you back.



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