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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The game

Hues and shades; colours and grey
Life is a game, people change and play
Wary and bewildered, I take a step
Love and trust are keys of the game
They smile and hug, they tell tales of myth
I believe, I embrace for I am obtuse

Slowly I realize they played the game
They conquered; they won and left me astray
I begged, I cried for my purpose was their stay
They laughed and walked away
I waited with hope, my eyes going dry
A stranger lent his shoulder to lean and cry

I forgot to cry, I forgot to smile
Scared to walk with the stranger
I sat by the milestone and waited for the change
Life is about building the blocks or breaking it
I decided to block all the way
The stranger broke his way in
He smiled and pulled me out to the road
Neither did he promise nor did he say a word
Here we are walking together
Waiting for the future to unfold!


  1. Absolutely, Gayu! Love and trust are so important in life. Someone broke it, and another someone earned it. If not, you wouldn't be walking together at all, haina?

    1. :) True! True! Thank you for the comment Leo :)


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