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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Game

I ripped you apart and played with you
You were in pain and I paid no heed
You cried to stop, I lied that I will
Yet I continued my little mind games
You bore with me, I continued my deed
We shuddered together, we cried in vain
With no one to listen, no one to care
We consoled each other, was there a choice?
Sitting through the darkness of the night
We waited for the dawn to break
Sitting through the daylight and people
We waited for the night to fall
There was no place to run or hide
For this is where it all began with me and you
With no desire to live on and no guts to die
Love sounding so mythical, people sounding cynical
Trust escaped through the window, nothing more left
Nobody promised it would be fair and smooth
Here begins a struggle between you and me
To love and trust again, to smile and cherish again
Here begins the wrangle between you and me
To travel through faith and love again
Here begins a new life where I will treat you right
For you are more important now and so is love
Here we begin the game again
A bit more prudent now and a bit more heedful!

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