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Friday, 15 August 2014


Freedom, the price we paid to get this is enormous. I am not going to write about the history of Independence. My history teacher at school made history sound extremely boring that I hated that subject, I hated her more so I never bothered to listen during classes. Apparently, History is not my strength (Yes, I am ashamed to say that. Yes, blame the teacher for making it so boring. Yes, I am learning stuff now!) Freedom means a lot of things to many. What it means to me? This morning when I was having a little chat with my dad he told me about a blind man who had come to his office selling pickles. My father bought a couple of bottles which cost Rs. 200. My father gave him Rs. 500 and asked for change. The blind man took his wallet, gave it my father and asked him to take the change himself. My father who was surprised by this asked how he was sure that he will take the exact change or even return the wallet to which the blind man replied, “Trust is all I have. I trust that the world has not become so bad that people will loot from a blind man” As stupid as it sounds, a place where rape and crime is at its peak this blind man still trusts that the world has people with a heart. That there is still goodness left. Freedom is when I hear someone say that they still trust there are good people in this world. I should smile not because of the blind faith and hope that maybe people will not cheat him but being sure that they won’t.

As bored as I have gotten with feminism and the 21 or 32 things women demand from men or women think about feminism. Freedom is when I decide to live my life the way I want to and not have people even of my age give me lengthy lectures on how I should “settle” in life. When I can put my career ahead of marriage and not get frowned over or get advised saying, “I should set my priorities right!” I am not asking too much but freedom to me is when I can wear a skirt just above my knees and a tank top in broad daylight and walk on the street and not looked upon as a slut. It is just my calf for God’s sake! You have it too go look at the mirror. When I say I drink I don’t want men to give me a WHAT! YOU DRINK? expression. Freedom is when a woman has the basic rights as a man and when I say this, men shouldn’t say you already have all the rights what more do you want? Freedom is being a woman and living life as happily as a man does! Maybe men have your obstacles but you certainly get to roam around in shorts and worse boxers and don’t get groped at! Worst raped! We get raped either way! So don’t give me that we men have troubles too crap!

Then there are little things that I see as Freedom. When I see the person who makes my heart skip a beat and how I forget the world when their eyes meet mine for that flip second. Freedom is telling this person how much I want to get lost in their eyes every single day, every single moment not fearing the consequences. Freedom is going on a long bike ride at night and not stopped by the cops on the way for money! Freedom is eating as much as I want and not worry about the calories I have gained, a word we never knew existed few years back or at least the word which existed and had no importance AT ALL!

Freedom is smiling threw the bad and carrying that hope on our shoulders, it is when you choose to continue believing in love even when people continuously broke your heart and proved your belief wrong. It is when you lie on the terrace and counting the stars without having to think of the client call next day. Freedom is letting go of the bad and burden, make amends with the past and believe the best is yet to come. Freedom is within us, it is when you set yourself free and live life the way you want to and the way you think is right, doing the things that will make you happy and ignoring the things that will pull you down.

Celebrate freedom, Celebrate life. Happy Independence day!

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