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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Timeless Friendship

This week my grandma and her younger sister had come to visit us. My grandma’s sister looks very cute and the way she talks is super cute. My grandma is also cute I won’t let her out of the cuteness quotient. They spent some time at our place telling how she met her husband and how scared she was to marry him after seeing what her elder sisters went through. She had been putting off her marriage until 30 years. Mind you! This happened somewhere around 1950s and the woman was 30 and was not ready to marry some random guy. When she finally met her husband she said yes. She told me she didn’t know why or how she agreed to marry him but she did. Then came the stories about her life with him in Mumbai till how he passed away. She still cries when she was telling us about how he died. That type of love is adorable.

My grandma is a very forgetful woman, once she walked into the temple with her slippers on. They were about to leave and my grandma forgot her handbag behind. Her sister picked the handbag for her, reminded my grandma to wear her slippers. They bid me good-bye and sighted a tree full of mangoes. As walked, they started talking about how they used to steal mangoes from their neighbourhood when they were kids and my grandma said something and they laughed together holding their hands. Both of them looked so alike and cute from behind it was such an adorable sight to watch them walk.
My mother’s best friend is in USA now. She gets a call from her every single day and then talks for at least 2 hours. When her friend used to be here she would come down every day in the evenings and they talk for hours, go for a walk, spend some time at the park and then even after coming home they will call up each other and talk. They are such thick friends that they start missing each other if they don’t meet each other for more than 2 days. She cooks for my mom and my mom cooks for her. It is such a sweet friendship that started decades ago. Not to mention the number of times she’s dumped me for her friend! They were there for each other during their bad times. They have always been there for each other!

Now that I think of these. I am the only daughter to my parents. There are very few people in this world other than my mom who knows me well, with whom I can be myself. I have felt bad about not having siblings every single time I felt lonely. I am sure if I had one, life will be way too different than what it is now. In this fast paced world I don’t know if I would ever have such a close friend like my mom has her best friend when I am of her age. We hardly talk to people we know 5 years back how can you imagine being in touch with someone after 15 or 20 years? One of my friends, once a close friend now a stranger told me that life changes after marriage. I am sure it does, but it doesn’t change who you are and the people you have known for years! It should not change YOU!
Today, make an oath to be in touch with the ones that are close to you. I am sure the virtual world is all glitzy and the people you meet through the internet might get very close over time. I met my closest friend over the internet but we made an effort to fodder and build the relationship. But there are few people who are just very close to you in the same town missing you and the times you spent together. There is a friend at home, your roomie, your partner in crime who keeps fighting with you, irritating you all the time but deep down this person loves you more than themselves. Make memories with this friend of yours so when you grow old and walk on the road holding each other’s hand you can talk about them.

I know you are busy. We are all busy! But what’s life without few friends, your siblings and your family who are ready to walk every mile with you holding your hand. Who wait quietly by the pavement for you to notice them.

Let’s create some timeless friendship, some precious moments and widen our world of happiness and bank it as you grow old!

Love and happiness to all! J


  1. There is no such thing called - 'timeless friendship' and I know you know this !!

    1. Hello, the most familiar yet unknown Enonymous. Maybe there is timeless friendship! Maybe I am changing my opinion about it!


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