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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Enough is Enough!

This week's been really bad. Not for me but for the country and many other people in the world. First the MH17 crash, it was heart wrenching to see the soft toys lying around at the crash site, there were 3 infants in the flight. What did they do or what did anybody in that flight do for their lives to end this way? Then I read about a 6 year old being raped in a school at Bangalore. I read it again to see if I had missed the 1 before 6 but no it is a 6 year old. I am lost for words to describe how outraged and disgusted I am. I mean it was a gang rape! What the hell! How desperate and sexually deprived can a man be to rape a 6 year old? These monsters were gym instructors and security guards. When there were too many posts about feminism and how men should stop instructing women on what to wear and what not to. There were few men who claimed “ownership” of women and said if she doesn’t dress up well I am going to rape her. Now I have a very simple question, of course this has been asked several times by several people but I am still going to go ahead and ask, what did this 6 year old girl wear to “provoke” these weak men? Which part of her body was exposed that it made them think that they should rape her? 2 men raped her! When I told this to my mom she cried. It was spontaneous; I had tears in my eyes when I read it. It was not out of sympathy but I was outraged and felt helpless because all I wanted to do at that point of time was to cut off their scrotum. I don’t know what triggered these pigs to think of raping a kid! But when they don’t have their dick they will not be able to do it! That’s all I know. She’s not started living yet for god’s sake!

Please! Please! Stop instructing women what to wear and what not to. Think of ways on how this can be stopped! Few men are always provoked. They don’t need a reason to rape. They just need a hole! Yes, that’s all they need. It doesn’t matter if it is a kid, infant or a grown woman. We all protest everytime something like this happens. It is all over the newspapers, media we gather in groups, write slogans and demand these pigs be punished or hung. But later we forget. We forgot Nirbhaya and there is an association that has taken stay order from hanging these men who killed her, I mean seriously! Fuck your human rights! Really! Then there was a 5 year old kid kidnapped and raped she was in a building for almost a week with candles and bottles forced into her private part, what happened to the monster that did it? I have no idea. We had many such cases. It is happening everyday, everywhere. This has become like a routine. Even today they raped and killed a woman, they tore her clothes and let her die naked in public. What are we going to do about it? I am sure we are going to forget this 6 year old too. I understand the schools statement, how can they find the pig among so many other gym instructors, very hard, understandable. The Government doesn’t seem to do anything about this. The previous Government didn’t do anything and the current Government don’t seem to do anything either. The leaders seem to get a good nap during the discussions. Oh sorry! That is called patient hearing. Right!

Next, I don’t understand this. As per the newspaper the kid complained of stomach ache after few days of this rape after which the parents found this through the doctors. Apparently, the kid was not aware of what is bad touch and also is that the amount of relationship shared by the kid and parents? I mean the kid did not tell her parents about the rape for “few” days! That’s bloody pathetic. Can you all take some time out of your busy schedule and teach these things to your kids? If you are too busy watching TV or working please don’t bother bringing them to this bad world where sadists are always looking for sex!

With a hope that the monsters get killed someday!

A worried and outraged feminist Indian!


  1. exactly enough is enough i so agree with your post, our legal system should be more strict so that such criminals should think before they act. Also it is all due to our patriarchal society, gender discriminations starts since the kid is born and this gives rise to "we are male, we have the right to do so", such attitudes and it grows with their age. Well this statement doesnt points to each and every men, i knew many of them are not chauvinist but there are many men, inspite of how educated they are carry such chauvinism in them and such dreadful act happens. But it should serously enough is enough.

    1. I agree with you Lata! Thank you for the visit and comment! :)

  2. Dear Gayathri,

    I am awe stuck with the strong statements in your words, but then it expressed your unbridled anger against the outrage and prejudice. Do men or leaders or the so called law will do anything for this? I feel NO. It's time for women to take swords in their hand, kill few bastards nude in public. Do not worry about the death punishment, Human rights commission will be their to defend here too. Let our kids not be taught to stay away from bad things but to fight and kill the evils.

    Hats-off to this post.

    1. Thanks a lot Sathish! It means much to me.


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