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Monday, 18 November 2013

The heart wants what it wants!

The pain of love
Being torn between two
Wanting to be with one
Yet not letting go off the other
Between tears and smiles
Between reality and fantasy
Caught in this turmoil
The heart is happy yet confused
But the heart wants what it wants
It follows you like a puppy
It thinks of you even if it shouldn't
Contented yet guilty
A future together is preposterous
Life is not as easy as the dream
Yet the heart wants what it wants


  1. wow...!! magical... respect for you..!!

  2. Confused between if's & but''s & yes'...that & this..
    Still I do understand that...Heart indeed wants ...what it wants!:)
    Very well written Gayathri!:)

  3. Many thinks love is a madness and not logical, only who loves true can realize its depth.
    Wish you all the best and prayers for ur true love.

    1. This was an imaginary poem and not based on my life! :) Thank you propelsteps. Come by often :)


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