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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My 200th Blog

I started thinking what I should be writing for my 200th blog from the time I saw 178th post on my page. I am not a great writer or I wouldn’t say that I am extremely good at English but here I am having a blog and a set of people who genuinely like every crap I write and encourage me to write more. So this is something huge and so you have put up with another round of I-LOVE-THESE-PEOPLE-IN-MY-LIFE-BECAUSE and WHY-I-STARTED-WRITING and stuff like this. Even if you don’t read this blog wish me luck so I continue writing and write another post like this one my 500th blog or talk a few words who are worth being spoken about during my first and the other book launches (if I ever finish writing one). Now this is not an inspiration from Sachin’s farewell speech I never heard it in first place but I got this idea after reading what the solitary writer wrote on his 400th post. He is a blogger I look upto and he had thanked me for being a good friend of his. Dude! Respects! J and that was a surprise to me! So that’s whom I got my idea from.

With all that said, when I go back thinking why I started writing? Honestly, it all started on a day when I was extremely bored and browsing through our corporate website I saw a link that said blogs so what I did was I just logged into check what it was and that’s how the door to writing opened for me. While it started with boredom there were a series of incidents that happened in my life which made me think I would never make it in the battle of life. This is where writing came to my rescue. I wrote and wrote, all I did was to write whenever I felt sad and depressed. It slowly became an addiction that if I did not write and publish something on the website my day was not complete. I had messages to give people from my life. Thank God for the girl’s-name-I don’t-remember now who mocked my writing and wrote a blog on that! The people who loved my writing until I told this girl’s-name-I don’t-remember that she should stop mocking the way I write and get a life and I complained the HR about what she did started saying that I am seeking attention and over reacting. This was the time the whole world of Blogosphere in my company was against me saying I am a “cry baby” and I am crying for attention and I was like, “Dude! Who is crying for attention by mocking my work and now crying that I have complained the HR. She really needs to get a life!”

 I was very upset and angry! That was when I received e-mails from few of the senior bloggers saying not to give up for these things and if there are people who mock my blog it means I am becoming famous and with that comes these things. This blog of the girl’s-name-I don’t-remember just made me a better writer. So thanks to her wherever you are and whatever you are doing you only made me a better writer than what I was that day, you made me realize that I am becoming famous with whatever I write and you wasted a considerable amount of time writing my style! Sad, you never realized it! There are people who like what I write! You gave me the experience to handle this kind of pressure (Yes! It was really pressurizing given the fact that I am THE most impatient and short tempered person I ever know myself!) I stopped explaining myself and how this post affected me on the comments instead I was silently watching people comment the worst things about me and these are the people who appreciate every mediocre crap I wrote! World and people I tell you J

If not for the fans base there are no actors, writers or anybody who are performing today. Fans are the ones who keep you going because they like everything you write. One such person is a good friend of mine now and he is an amazing photographer! His mail was the first I got saying he loves what I write and it made his life better. This e-mail means a lot to me and I still cherish it he was the one who first sent me a fan e-mail. J Dude! I guarantee you that I will finish writing my novel by next year. I want to thank you for believing in me!
Then there was a person who taught me that I should not take these people –my fans who read whatever I write for granted and write sensible stuff, till today he pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and write better stuff (which I never did till today and hoping to do someday!) he is someone I can really rely on for very honest brutal comments and he was very famously known as Illiterate in our blogosphere at my company! Later, when he left I came to know that his name is Sanjay Madhavan. He is an amazing writer and never stopped giving me constructive feedbacks sometimes, no most of the times brutal criticism that would make me feel like, I am fit for nothing. Thank you Sanjay, I will keep coming back to you for feedbacks on anything new I write and you have to put up with me. The best comment he’s given me so far is that I can come out really well if I write seriously because people could really connect with what I write J

It started like this – Him -“I started writing because of you, you inspired me to write”
Me - Awww! Thank you so much!
Me – How was the poem I wrote?
Him - “It was just OK, not really great. No! actually I didn’t like it.”
Me – “Idiot! Comment on my blog or at least say how it was! I am sure you didn’t read it!”
Him – “Ass! I read all your blogs.” And when I go and check he would have really read all the blogs I wrote.  Well this is what happens when fans become your bestest, closest friends. Kerry, is one of them. He’s read all my blogs I had written till today. Infact I force him to read every crap I write and he patiently puts up with me. I am not going to go gaga about him and make him feel good, no way! This guy is an amazing writer too but too bloody lazy to write! He is the best friend I will ever have and the most supportive. I know I can rely on him when I have nobody else. I can walk a distance alone and when I turn back I know I will have him. He is one of the best and I am glad he is in my life and will always be! :) Crap! I did it again! So hey! I want you to be there in every book launch of mine. We have a deal so you better be!

Sriram, who trusted me with just my blogs and came up to review my work. He said if you can write 97 posts in a year you can surely write a book. I trust you go ahead and write it I will review it. We hardly know each other then and this man trusted me! Thank you for the trust you have in me and I just hope I could keep up with it.

My mom who reads whatever I write because she has no choice and keeps giving suggestions (again no choice) on how I can improve better, who patiently listens to my stupid dreams and rants when I get a bad comment or have a writer’s block. My dad who likes everything I write because I am his little princess. :D My aunt who encourages me for everything I write.

Vinay, famously known as the Leo who loves my poetry although I still keep believing he is only over exaggerating about how good it is for the type of great writer he is by himself. He always pings me and asks why I haven’t written a poem in a long time and forces me to write one. :D If not for people like him him I wouldn’t write as many poems I have written now. J

These are the people who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. They thought that I could make something better of me through my writing. These are the people who stand by my side supporting me to make my dream come true. I would like to thank each and every one of them who have appreciated my work and believed in me and still continues to believe that they will see my books on stands someday. I love you all and thank you for being there for me.


  1. A nice post indeed n I'm sure your fans are going be lucky enough to be showered with your regular writeups. Keep it up, become a famous writer and gift me the sports bike you promised :P.
    God Bless..!! :)

    1. :P Sure! but not unless you promise me that you will take me on a ride on that :D :P Well, you don't have a choice, do you? :P
      Thank you :)

  2. This is your 200th? Wow, what an accomplishment! You do have a lot of people motivating you. I think that is one of the things I love about blogging, the people who encourage us to keep going. And yes, you must be famous! Only the famous people get bashed by random people!

    I wish you all the best as you continue your blogging journey! God bless! ♡ :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Irene! I am really happy that you are following my blogs and comment on them regularly. We bloggers grow only because of people like you. Thank you again for the wishes! <3

  3. congrats for 200th post... Its diffrent here no retirement so just keep writing

  4. 200 blog posts!!! And looking forward to that book of yours :)

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