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Monday, 3 June 2013

CBC Six word memoir

The Chennai Bloggers Club came up with a six word memoir sometime back and I decided to participate in it. It is basically to sum up your life so far in six words. How exciting is that!! So I have been breaking and banging my head all these days even after I crossed the deadline that was given to me and annoyed many people in CBC who gave up asking me on why I was not posting this when my turn was still pending. These are the reasons -

My brother met with an accident he almost died and came back alive which till this minute and even after that I will believe is a miracle and collective effort of the prayers from my friends and relatives. Then eventually I fell so sick that I couldn't even gather the energy to talk I eventually met with a small accident. A bus almost ran over me and the driver I think pitied and left me alive. It was a crazy week and I cannot tell you how much happy I am that it finally ended. It did end well because I watched 2 movies with my favourite stars in it. Hangover was disappointing, yeh jawaani hai deewani - hi-5 it is an awesome movie! Go watch it.

So, Clement williams passed on this task to me and I must tell you that I was freaking out when I saw the blog of the ones who posted before me and after me. They had huge images and all that jazz with their memoir but me I am not a tech geek and I really didn't have the patience to learn photoshop on my own. All I could do with it was create something like my blog banner and that's all!

Well, I basically talk a lot and if you ask me to sum up my life in JUST "SIX" WORDS! What can I possibly say?

- A struggle to live life, the way I want to

I know it has exceeded 6 words but that precisely is my life and that's what I do. Trust me it is not easy to live life the way you want to in a society like ours. I follow my heart, I struggle to live life the way I want to and I succeed!

I have already had enough trouble because of aquarians swamping my life from best friend to my brother (Kidding... Kidding..). The person next to me who has already posted her blog also happens to be an aquarian (I don't understand what's with me and aquarians!) Bhavia Velayudhan she writes almost about everything, seem super talented to me. A girl from God's own country. :)


  1. Awesome , eventhough its not exactly six words. And sorry ! Good to see some one who loves to live life with struggle. Of course, to be practical we all should be prepared for all sort of struggles. Good post. Take care :)


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