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Saturday, 25 May 2013

I am still loved, maybe..!

There was a time when everybody loved me. They adored me they wanted to have a huge collection of me. I was a necessity and I became popular for my performance and looks. People loved me they were proud to hold me in their hand and stylishly whisk through the paper, my first love. I knew the most intimidating and lovely parts of a person’s life as they used me to write pages and pages of their secrets. I remained their first love, their best friend. I was wanted all the time without me people felt helpless. Things changed as technology improved, the younger generation find it hard to hold me as their hands start aching or go out of control when they write, they prefer typing over writing. Yet, I am happy that the kids are forced to use me no matter they love or hate me. Writers still rely on me to record their thoughts. I might be dying but I am not going to be extinct for there is still a group of people who need me and rely on me.

-          Pen


  1. Aww :) Cute :) First I thought you're talking about yourself :P

    1. Deepa!! Really!! :( Why would people want to have a huge collection of me! They don't clone me not to the best of my knowledge :D Anyway,thank you :))

  2. You could have elaborated it a bit more..yet loved the idea ...


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