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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Set me Free!

I walked into a trap
Which turned out to be heaven
Unwilling to break it
Although I have a key
I decided to stay 

Bonded by love and greed
I wait for something to happen
They say hope keeps you going
But I am stalling here
Neither a way out nor a way in
I stand by the door of the trap
Waiting for you to set me free
Set me free and make me yours

Far at a distant I see you and me
Hand in hand walking together
It is just a distant dream
A blurry vision, a vision of my hope
Didn’t take me long to realize
It is only my dream and not yours

I want to leave and set myself free
But life would be so meaningless
Without a tint of you in it
I painted this life with you everywhere
I lost a love and you renovated my life
You took my hand and showed me a path
Slowly and steadily you crept into my life
Now you rule my world and I let you take over

The memories don’t hurt!
What hurt is the truth and the distance
I always wish hard to disappear
Just so I would know if you’d miss my presence
Ludicrous is the thought because I know you will
Yet I crave to hear those words from you

I fear to lose you, I fear losing us
In a pursuit to make you understand
And to set me off the trap
Here I am confessing the truth
If I say I want you with me forever
Holding my hand, lending your shoulder
Greedy to have all your love and care
Maybe letting you share a little with others
Be with you all day and night
Doing the same things that we do
Yet don’t get bored,
Talking the same things we talk,
Yet continue talking the same
Snuggle next to you every night,
Wake up in the morning to see your face
Enjoy and admire your little naughtiness
If I say I want to take the path that you travel
If I say I want to be with you forever
Would it be too much to ask?

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