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Monday, 4 March 2013

Happiness it's all yours!

Happiness, how important is this to us? We search for it everywhere in every person we meet. Some rely their happiness on another person like a friend, lover, husband, family or even materials. Some just let it go they walk the path of life and find happiness in everything they do.

In my recent days, I have befriended a very beautiful young woman. She is mesmerizing oh her looks! Stunning such a cutie pie! She turned a year old yesterday. So I learnt happiness from her. She finds happiness in everything she does. She would crawl to the toy she loves and smile, kiss it. She would be just sitting and she smiles like she’s got the whole world under her thumb. I have been jealous of her lately. Maybe I was all smiles like her when I was like her too. But I want to be like her now too so when I see her now I am learning. I am learning that my happiness is mine. It is with me and I am responsible for it. Nobody can make me cry, sad, angry, irritated, frustrated and add on many such negative emotions. Time and by, I understood that worrying changes nothing. Worrying is only going make the problem look bigger. It is going to make us sad and deprived. It will only spoil our day especially when you don't know what is in store tomorrow and when you cannot control who walks into your life or who leaves.

Smile and be cheerful because it spreads. Your positive energy and cheerfulness gets so contagious you can see people around you smiling as well. Life is beautiful when you lead it simple. Try to find happiness in little things or nothing. Be responsible but everything is not on your head. Work but do not be a workaholic. To me, a job that consumes my life is not necessary you can be poor but you get to do the things you like in that extra time instead of preparing some boring report. Keep your passion alive. You have 24 hours a day and that’s a lot don’t say you don’t have time for this and that. My parents always say you will have time for everything if you plan properly. So plan! It works for me. Stay fit it is a way to be happy. You have no idea how exhilarated you can feel when that small sized tee fits you just perfectly! I strongly believe in fairy tales so yes miracles do happen. Don’t wait for one to happen but believe that they will happen J

So today and everyday start your day with the thought that you are responsible for your happiness and you can solve just about everything that comes your way and whack its head out of your life. Everything is going to look simply fantastic. Happy week ahead!

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