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Saturday, 23 February 2013

The girl you and I loved!

Everytime I needed someone
You were there for me
You promised never to leave me
I made you break it
You begged to stay with me
I ignored your pleas
When you were in great pain
I had already moved on

Now I am not me anymore
You stole away little pieces of me
I was too busy to realize,
That you were my only strength
And when you were gone
My world shattered and fell apart

I am still looking to fill those gaps
Trying to fix the broken me
I rebuild a new person everytime
But never the same old me
The girl you and I loved

I hate this lonely road
The search is tiring
The walk too long
Life seems meaningless
Where is the old me?
The girl you and I loved!

I strive to be confident
I fake a smile all day
I am tired of acting
I need a break!
How do I make you come back?
I wish there could be a way
So I can come back and be myself
So I can be happy again!
Will you be able to hear if I say?
I miss you and us in the game we played!


  1. Pain and regret reflected in this poem!
    Very beautifully penned!

    I wanna share this poem on my page :)
    I'll give a credit to you by mentioning your name and provide your blog link!

    Please tell me whether it is okay or not :)

    1. Hi Sri Thanks a lot :) sure you can! :) go ahead

  2. So true-time does this to us--we lose a precious innocence we once had .

  3. beautiful...

    nice lines...


  4. Nice copy paste:

    1. Deepshika the source says that the poem was written by me at the bottom did you see that?


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