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Monday, 14 January 2013

How Do I Tell?

Days rolled and years have passed
Traces of memories still remain in my heart
Thinking of you makes my life strenuous
Detangling the knot that we created
Is arduous and almost impossible
The more I try the more the distress
How do I tell my heart that it’s over?

I try to blame my fate and destiny
Failing to convince myself
I look at the future for a ray of hope
Where we walk hand in hand
I laugh at myself for being so naïve
How do I tell myself that it’s over?

Yet I smile thinking of having you back
You created that magic in my life
You gave all the lost happiness in a second
Of course, I give you no credit
You did nothing to bring them back
Maybe it was just your presence
That spread the warmth in my heart
Maybe it was destiny that you should bring it back
How do I tell you that it’s not over?

I never felt that way again with anyone else
Not in the past and not in future I know!
You made me feel belonged at first sight
That I call a magic and you are my magician
You made me smile, you made me laugh
You made those butterflies clutter in my stomach
Now it all seems like a dream, your presence in my life
Your words and love they were all true
How do I tell them that we belong to each other?
How do I feel these in another person?
When all I think of all the time is just you!


  1. An inexplicable feelings of pain run through the poetry. Heart touching.

  2. one of the bestest lines by you.. " Detangling the knot that we created
    Is arduous and almost impossible "Supa likes for this!!

    1. thank you Sharath! Glad you liked it! :)

  3. nice one gayathri

  4. Hi Gayathri,
    Good to be here,
    A well versed one.
    Keep it up,
    Keep up the good work
    Best Regards
    Keep Inform


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