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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sometimes you can say! :)

I am a daddy girl. I love my dad a LOT! Even today he is my hero, muskle man (well ignoring his big tummy, he does still have nice biceps) If you think I am pampered and spoilt well blame my dad and he would proudly ask you, “So what? She still knows what she wants and what she does!” But then there is a problem with my dad. He is unexpressive. When I was a kid I used to make little cards for him before he comes from office that says, “Appa I love you, Do you?” and hide it under his night dress, in his shirt pocket well anywhere he could find it. He reads it laughs, carries me and kisses me. But till today he’s never told me that he loves me or whenever I ask him he kisses me or says of course I do. So from then whenever my dad kisses me I know he is expressing his love for me. I have asked my mom if he’s ever told her how much he loves her my mom said, “No, he never says but I know. He has a way of showing it” and I have this question lingering in my heart which I never asked my mom till today but does she ever want to know about it from him?

I am super expressive, I suffocate people with my love and care that they start thinking that I am such a pain in their arse. I plan surprises for their birthday at least 4 months earlier make it a big deal, plan for big surprises yada…yada…yada… sometimes well very little times I expect the person I love to tell me that I am super awesome and that their life would be not so good without me. I might be super expressive and intolerably caring but I am not a super woman. I am just a normal girl who expects little things rarely. Well, it makes me feel good. So last night I hadn’t slept for a long time because I was thinking why few people like my father fail to express well, until you ask them. Few people don’t say even when being asked. This morning I woke up and even before brushing my teeth went to mom and asked, “Mom, don’t you feel bad that dad never tells you that he loves you but says that he loves granny and his sister a lot to you over and over?”My mom said he’s never told her how much he loves her but whenever he travels out of station or abroad he cannot wait to come back, he calls her 1000 times to check on her and when he was at home he helps her with the households, he goes out with her for a walk in the evenings, he with her to the temple for her (He is an atheist) and watches her favourite show with her without complaining, he supports her when she is down and he listens to her when she talk to him. “Do you think a sentence, “I love you” is necessary?” she asked. I shrugged.

I understand a person might not be saying it all the time, but they have a special way of expressing it, telling you they do love you and they do care a lot for you. All you have to do is pick the thread and follow it. I don’t ask such people because I know that they are like my dad and if all the human beings are the same we wouldn’t have the little fights that will tighten the bond, the tiny tantrums that will get us what we wanted.

But sometimes although you show it, it is also necessary to tell them you do love them in words. It makes a lot of difference it gives umpteen amount of happiness to both of you. Why do find it difficult to say, when you love them! Sometimes it might be too late and they might not be around and you could end up regretting. So better late than never, you don’t have to say it all the time but saying it once in a while doesn’t hurt. Why don’t you try it once and see the difference yourself? J


  1. Hi Gayathri,

    Quite true, everyone has their own ways of expressing their emotions and feelings, we should respect that.
    Keep up the good work




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