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Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Woman

I want to ask this to almost all the men in India and that includes few of my friends as well. Who is a woman? She is definitely someone beyond a pair of boobs and a perfect booty. She is a human being who has the same feelings as you do. Sometimes she can get really aggressive that she is capable of doing things that even the so called powerful men cannot think of doing. However right now the situation of the country is we do not feel safe to walk down the street at nights and we call this a free India. Women are judged by the type of clothes they wear and the way they behave, if she has a lot of friends in guys and hangs out with them all the time she is termed a bitch. Why can’t she have many friends in guys? Is that a sin?

 We talk about equal rights and respect but had we been treated equally we will not be judged by our clothes and the friends we hang out with. When I think of this it is the attitude of the society. When I spoke about the 23 year old rape victim, I heard few people saying she shouldn’t have boarded an empty bus. She shouldn’t be hanging out so late with her boyfriend so late at night! Hello! It was not late night it was 7 PM it is late evening FYI! And whoever said that if a woman boards a bus with few men in it they can rape her?

And then comes the most valuable suggestions, if you don’t want to get raped or teased wear proper clothes. If you wear a single piece and walk down the street you will be teased! How dare you say that to us? Who gave you those rights? How can you take a woman for granted? So do you do the same thing to your mother/sister? And well, I am not teasing or molesting a guy who is wearing a low waist jean almost showing his ass. I mind my own business. First of all, it is not teasing it is harassment and humiliation.  A perverted mind sees an opportunity in everything. It is not just the women but 6 month old babies and kids so no matter I wear a burka or go naked his mind is perverted and me covering myself completely from head to toe is not going to change anything. Even today a 12 year old girl was raped and killed. What do we have to say about this? She wouldn’t have even been fully matured; few months back I heard a boy raped a 6 months old baby!  Unbelievable, the most brutal act ever. These men are horny all the time! So the problem lies with them and not us. So don’t blame us for wearing clothes that would possibly tempt them!

There should be strict laws for rape. They shouldn’t be set free they should handed to the person they raped. Capital punishment is not a solution, they should be treated severely, treated in a way that every other man who gets the intention to even touch a girl against her will should be afraid to do so. Stop veiling these atrocious demons while showing them to the media. Show us their faces they deserve to be killed and not protected.

I might be talking in anger here some might think I am feminist too. I don’t really care. I think this is the feeling of every other women and also men in this country right now. All of us are raged. 

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