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Thursday, 4 October 2012

I am Sorry!

You were in need of me
I was not by your side
You craved to hold my hand
I ignored all your calls
You longed to talk to me
How cruel I was to ignore you

I thought we had moved on
All set on different paths
Living our lives, doing our thing
And when I chose a new beginning
why did you come again?

I ripped your heart out
And played with your feelings
Yet you smiled and supported me
How cruel I am to hurt you
How mean I am to ignore your wish

Now I want you back to give a hug
Listen to what you have to say
But you are nowhere to be found
I am drowning in the ground
and sinking in guilt
How am I going to get past this?
How do I apologize and go guilt-free

I talk you every night hoping you can hear me
I am sorry my love, I am sorry for my arrogance
I am sorry I hurt you, I am sorry I ignored you
I am sorry I cannot fix things anymore
I am sorry you are gone and never coming again
I am sorry that I cannot say those words when you died
I am sorry I held you back for so many days

Here I am letting you go, rest in peace my dear love
I know you will have a special place in heaven
Where you will be pampered and loved forever
And finally I wanted to let you know
I might find another love who loves me the way you did
But you will remain the love of my life
You will remain in my heart forever and ever


  1. Very well written-I can feel the tears welling in my eyes, and my heart crying out.

  2. I really don't have any words............

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  4. Ohh Girl you touched all the pathos of strings attached with this lovely piece of poetry. AN enthralling piece. :) Glad I came across your blog, take care !


    1. Thank you Tanya! :) I am happy you liked my blog! :)

  5. Speechless !!
    Really nice


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