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Saturday, 24 September 2011


This weekend was supposed to be a hectic, boring, “Oh weekdays were better.” Kinda weekend. We were  shifting, we were moving out of the house that we lived for a real long time, I would miss the place but we had to move on to a better place that offered a better living and better space. Life’s about moving on isn’t it? J
As the only daughter I have had a luxurious room, a room painted pink, a room that’s adorned by the best greeting cards from my favorite friends, wall posters of Robert Pattinson, step up, Eiffel tower, pics taken with my best gang! One corner had the cot and the other had a bean bag, and a canvas. Unlike a girl’s room, mine is always messy. I don’t put things back from where I took it. Unusually my room never had a study table that’s because I never studied! But as I started taking the books from the shelf it just kept coming and I was like “Girl! You probably spent half your life only reading!”  Behind all the MS and computer books I saw a diary that belonged to 2001. I sat down reading that diary and gosh! I had written so much about my first love. He was a senior in my school the school pupil leader, the band leader, a tennis player, a dancer and a very cute guy. We fell in love with each other the moment we saw each other, Oh yea I can still remember him starring at me from the balcony of our school! Those powerful eyes I can never forget them! And then I had written about defeating the girl I hated the most in the badminton tournament we had in school, the first dance competition I choreographed, my romance with the first and the last cigarette – trust me I was coughing for 15 days after that, My first beer with my dad on new year’s day. I had written – “I drank beer today and I don’t know how appa drinks it. It was bitter and my throat went sore. Amma and I hated the taste of it. Oh!! how do I explain how much I hate the beer!”  and our school trip to Yelagiri and how much irritated I was when my boyfriend offered a hand to another girl to climb up the rock while trekking, how much I cried when I quarreled with my best friend. The diary took me to my school days. I kept it into the wooden box with a smile.

Next came the slam books, oh my god I was flattered after reading the “about you I feel” column. I took the greeting cards given by my first love to me, he’s a great poet. He’s written tons and tons of poems about me and he had given me a card almost every day.

 The Sydney Sheldon novels, you name it and I have it. The certificates I won in the dance competitions. The childhood pictures, Hey! I was so cute when I was a baby! I had 3 boxes full of pens. When I was in school I had the habit of buying any new pen that came to the market. Then came the school and college ID cards. The pencil pouch I used when I was in school it was a gift from my mother the pouch is Winnie the pooh! He was my favorite cartoon character. There was a time when you get the national flag of each country free when you buy boomer. I had a note book full of flags that belonged to different countries. God! Imagine how much boomer I would have eaten!! I have a book, “Learn to draw” which can be used as a pillow it was gifted by my grandpa when I was in 12th.. Trust me I never touched that book it’s too heavy and huge! But when I took that book the final one to go into the box letters fell out of it and everything were love letters! :D Nah! I did not get them from anybody, they were letters I wrote to my boyfriend. Those letters brought a smile on my face I had loved everything about him his features, the way he talks, the way he whistles, the way he looks at me I mean everything just everything! I cherished reading them. Whenever I signed a slam book I put 2 hearts beneath my signature, I have that habit even today. So recently, when one of my friends who was leaving abroad asked me to sign her slam book I signed and put 2 hearts beneath. She asked me what it meant, I said I don’t know I just picked it from somewhere! But I had done that when I was in school when I wrote letters to my guy, and it means one heart is me and the other is him. I had explained that in one of the letters. I cannot stop laughing after reading that. But isn’t that cute?

Finally, there was a pen case left which is tied up to my recent cute memory. It is a case that carries parker pens. I always wanted to own a parker pen! :D I met the man I am about to marry in our office and when we were still just acquainted to each other I got him a gift on his birthday. I wrote him a card with my parker pen. I put the card, the gift and the pen into a bag and gave him the bag. I proposed him on the same day and when I gave him the gift he panicked, said a no and left. He took the bag that had my pen with him. This pen was the one that made us meet again and again coz he kept forgetting the pen every time I asked him. And today If I have him with me this pen played a major role! The pen is still with him and he tells me every single time, “I have your pen.” I ask, “You do?” and he smiles. I smiled when I put the parker pen case into my bag.

I had many more goodies, pictures and diaries I found that made me nostalgic but these are the cutest ones that were worth penning down! And this weekend was that weekend that made me realize and say myself how blessed I am and have been for 25 years! When I turn back to see the path I have travelled I see more roses than thorns, more smiles than tears, more love than hatred and more beautiful than weird! And I assured myself that you had lived a very cute life and you have more to come coz now God has given you more cute people around you who will surely make your life cuter.

That way to the past was worth the travel……. 

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