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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Making of My Novel

“Why can’t I write a novel..?” I got this thought when I was reading the all famous Chetan Bhagat’s novel “2 States”.I have a story and my friends say I narrate stories really well. Isn’t that enough to write a novel. No! Not at all! I realised this only when I started writing it. I have a handful friends who are my best critics from the way I dress up to the way I eat they comment on everything I do and this group includes my mom.
It was a Sunday morning and I would have written some 25 pages. I couldn’t control my excitement about showing my novel to my folks! So I picked my mobile and sent a message to all of them “Hey guys! I have just started my novel. I would love to hear your comments! Would you be able to read it as soon as you see it in your mailbox? I want the comments by EOD”. As I already told you they are my best critics and they are the only creatures who can bear my torture. I would have sent the story to 5 of them and everybody called me in the next 1 hour to pour their comments. One said it was good the other said grammar wasn’t up to the mark, third said why do you want to bore people with your bullshit. Fourth and fifth said I can’t stand your same old boring story again! Sixth was the most expected - my mom.She is a book worm. She’s read every single novel published in this world. You name it and she’ll know it! To me a comment from her is like Shakespeare commenting on my novel. She always gives her genuine comments in every aspect.she never makes up because I am her daughter and she should encourage me for the crap I do. I showed her the story and was looking at her expression as her eyes scanned the story. She closed the laptop and looked at me for sometime. I cannot control my curiosity when people have just read/seen any work of mine. Be it a painting or my dance or my novel. I want the comments immediately. “PATIENCE” is never in my dictionary! I hate that word :)
“What!” I shrugged my shoulders.
“It’s aaammm.. too vague. You have over explained stuffs and who wants to listen to your story? Trying to be another Chetan Bhagat huh? I hate him and I don’t want my daughter to be him.” I don’t know why but my mom hates him. She hasn’t hated even my BF this much!
“Well! He inspired me!”
:| - I smiled like this.
“He inspired you to write a novel and not to write a novel like his! Write something that will please people. I don’t want people to say - aaaah we have another Chetan Bhagat here! You said that when you read “Of course I love you.. till I find someone better” Didn’t you?”
“Yes I did!” I gave a geeky smile!
“I want people to say.. wow..! She’s unique! One of a kind. And for that you should dedicate yourself to it. You should not write it as you watch the TV or listen to music. You have to let your thoughts flow without any disturbance.Write it only if you are considering it seriously!Think about it! ”
Consider it seriously! Oh come on! Of course! I need to write a novel!
This conversation made me think! I deleted the story I wrote.I started thinking on what I should write every single day! I wake up with the thought of my novel I keep thinking about it whereever I go, talk about it take my friend’s comments. Finally, I decided it should be based on my passion flavoured with the incidents that happened in my life.I am very passionate about 2 things 1) Dance 2) Love. To me when people ask me to meditate I dance coz dance IS a form of meditation, the happiness that flourishes in my mind when I dance is immense! Love, Do I have to explain how beautiful this feeling is? So my novel will be a blend of dance and love.I will find love through dance and I decided to put in the incidents that made me happy,cry, regret,angry in my life. Wouldn’t that make a beautiful novel? I don’t know!! you tell me :)

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