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Friday, 24 June 2011

I Realised

I realised that I should learn to be on my own
when I first went to school
I realised I have people in this world
who can be as compassionate as my mom
when I got my friends.
I realised I have a passion
when I enjoyed dancing
I realised I had one permanent best friend
My mom!
I realised what is crush
when I dreamt of marrying my school leader
I realised what is fun
when I spent a whole day out with my friends
I realised what is trust
When my parents let me in without questioning me
When a guy dropped me home in the midnight
I realised what is admiration
when I bored my mom with my stories
yet she would listen to it with so much passion
I realised what is patience
while my dad still kept looking the TV
when I kept flipping channels
I realised what is humanity
When my mom cried helplessly and fed water to a dying soul
who was gasping for breathe
I realised I am a good cook and a care taker
when my mom fell ill
I realised I will get what I want with a little hard work
when I got a job in Wipro
I realised I can control my temper
when my boss yelled at me
I realised cricket is a very interesting game
when I started following world cup
I realised what is love at first sight
when I saw my boy friend
I realised I can blush
when I got my first kiss
I realised love is pain
After my first break-up
I realised what is frustration
when I kept waiting for my love to come back
and that never happened !
I realised life is nothing without friends
when I travelled and spent 3 days alone in an unknown city
When they were with me when the whole world shattered behind me
I realised how stupid I am
when i look at my mobile
to beep a message or ring a call that will never come
Now I realise what is faith
when I still believe that he will come back
I finally realise that
I can write something useful as I complete this !

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