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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The world of Love

I chased and ran
I looked for it everywhere
I poured it in the wrong place
I gave it all wrong people
They trashed and tore it
I looked in shock and tears in eyes
With a smirk on face
And coldness in heart
They ripped it apart and threw it afar
What do I do? What did I do?
I asked God and ran around
Like a mad girl, like death chased me
No answer, no sign I gave up hope
Tired and weary I strolled around
Like a kite in the air, I wandered around
Aimless and thoughtless I walked now
Disgusted and angry I knelt on the ground
I saw a light that glimmered afar
"Come here", I heard a faint voice
I dragged myself towards the light in doubt
There I saw a box covered with roses
I opened the box and there it was
The love I poured and lost to the demons
Be careful this time and learn your lesson
For you are too precious to be hurt
Said the voice now bold and loud
I looked up the glimmer and smiled in glee
I heard a chuckle as the glimmer disappeared
I jumped into the box and shut the lid

There I disappeared into the world of love!


So, what do you think? :)