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Saturday, 13 September 2014


I lay under the tomb numb and dead
Faith and hope crying for me
I lay under the tomb craving to live
Depression and stupidity laughing at me
Here stands my tomb tall and proud
Deep within sleeps my dream and cage
It yearns to life, it yearns to live
But no I killed it and I can’t go back now

I lay under the tomb wishing for a chance
To come back alive, to correct my wrong
No, it is too late the road has ended
It’s time to go into a deep slumber
So far from life, too far from love
I ended my life for her I thought
So naive, so imbecile
It was never love, it was never worth
You lost your life for nothing she taught
Too late, too late it was to come back
I lie under the tomb, watching my soul drift apart

My soul would rest in peace they prayed
My dreams should live and laugh I thought
There goes my heart fresh into a cage
Here I smile seeing someone live
Oh no! Don’t give my brain to him
For he will end up here next to me

I lay under my tomb see someone live
And now my soul rests in peace
There goes a human who deserves to live
I am happy I decided to give away after death!


So, what do you think? :)