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Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Shortest Conversation

It was just another day for me. I was returning home from college. The clouds had gathered in the sky and were ready to burst open any moment. I hoped it rained. I love rain, who doesn’t? I was sitting alone on the bench at the station looking at every other girl from my college standing in groups, giggling and pulling each other’s leg. My best friend with whom I go back home was on leave that day. But it did not affect me. I loved being alone. I embraced loneliness like a long lost companion. I looked up the sky and there were giant dark rain clouds gathering to pour down outrageously. It was getting darker with every passing minute and the wind blew harder. It was beautiful. It felt like the rain God was getting ready to dance that beautiful dance. I was excited. I can’t wait for it to rain. The smell of wet mud, whistling of the wind and the mild drizzles making the air moist added up to my excitement. I sat there at the bench and missed a couple of trains to enjoy the weather. Moments later, an already wet train, water leaking from everywhere pulled over at the station. It had already started raining in other places. I smiled and chuckled as I entered the train. Surprisingly, the train was almost empty that day except for few more girls from my college. I stood by the door letting the water fall on my face. They say little pleasures are priceless. There I was enjoying the water patter on my face really hard, it was so blissful and priceless!

I was finally completely wet and felt a bit cold. I moved into the train and started wiping myself with my chunni which was almost wet too. That’s when she entered the train. She was beautiful in her own ways, perfectly clad saree and the perfect hairstyle. Her lip stick had the pink shade and those wonderful eyes gazing around shyly. She got into the train after running through the rain she was almost wet too. She did not care to look at me but I did notice her. The group of girls who were sitting by the window and playing with the water stopped talking and giggling. The 2 woman who were busy gossiping exchanged glances when she saw them and they noticed her. She smiled at the group of girls and at the 2 woman they did not smile back. Instead they were ashamed of the fact that she smiled at them. She walked to the other end of the train and stood by the door. I saw her enjoy the rain letting the water drip of her face and playing with it. I kept looking at her. When she turned I smiled at her. She smiled back. I said, “Hi!” she nodded happily.
She blessed me by touching my head as everyone like her does. “Thank you for treating me like a normal human being” she said as she got off the train. “Bye!” I shouted and she waved her hand happily smiling gratifyingly.

That day in that train I saw a normal girl who loves to enjoy rain, who smiles at everyone just like we do, who loves to dress up and flaunt her waistline, one who likes to strike a normal conversation like all of us. I also saw the cheap minded “normal” people who cannot accept them as a part of us. Who think they are different and weird. We are ashamed to even smile at them but what we should actually know here is that we should be ashamed of ourselves for not being able to accept a hormonal disorder and a very normal human being! That day I understood that it is not she who is different or maybe she is but we are disgusting for treating her different, make her cringe about her difference and hurt her feelings. We don’t have the right to decide where she belongs because she is just another creation of God, just very special and wants to live a normal life. Is it so hard to give them that? Not everyone of them are bad and prostitutes we just need to be wise enough to get the difference! It is not very hard you see. You are not perfect yourself. Are you?

Maybe it was the shortest conversation I have ever had, but that was the best smile and the most contended conversation I have ever had in my entire life! I don’t know if I made her day but she really made mine! 


  1. A sweet person Hariharan Valady left this comment on my blog and I was so stupid enough to delete it instead of publishing it - "Shortest, yet a very powerful conversation. Your narration is good- after the initial para, one feels like taking out his umbrella; your observation of the reactions of those in the train is touching. Good post."

    Thanks a lot Hariharan :) This comment means a lot to me because it means I am improving in terms of narration. :)

  2. Well written .. Good one. As the coin has two sides , humans too have and Transgenders are no exception. Unfortunately majority of them are used for bad purposes, their circle has become bad. This produces the big circle and resulting in majority of transgenders becoming the culprit of sexual desires of cheap minded fellows. They do have good heart, but due to the dominance of few people they presumed to be bad. And I was shocked to know that most of those who tortures people in public places are guys acting as TG s just to lure money. They are just another gender as we are. Why are they treated differently ? I am totally not sure whether this situation will change even after a decade. BTW good one And apt title.


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