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Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Wait

(image courtesy: Google)

 Standing by the windowsill
Imagining you smile is thrill
Holding the iron grill
I wait for you to come at will

Standing in an empty ground
I daydream going this world around
Leaning on your shoulder, hand in hand
Makes me sing that happy song

Travelling in the train as it rains
I think of hugging you tight
The firm chest and the smell of you
Makes me mad, I sigh and crave
Just to feel your warmth

Yearning to feel the butterflies
Longing to feel impulsive as you see
Craving to feel your breathe on my neck
As lust fills my heart and mind
I smile at the thought of stealthy looks
I smile at the thought of quite smiles

Will you come and hold me in your arms?
Will you come and kiss to complete me?
Will you just pack up and come a little faster?
For we are meant to be together
And it’s time we meet each other!

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