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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The woman in my life.

I walked to her photo and saw her smile. The serene and beautiful smile that beats every stress and sorrow out of my mind, I miss her and yearn to sleep on her lap, that lap which was a piece of heaven that made me feel like going back into the womb. Everyday when I wake up I miss her calm face, the simple bindi and the crisp cotton saree. I miss her. I let out a wail. Ever since she left, the house is just a building formed of brick and cement. Many a times it felt like vacuum, not too easy to breath. I want her back, her smile back. I want to hear her voice again. She punched a hole in my heart, a hole that kept growing bigger with each passing day. A hole that is going to rip my heart and the life she gave me. Her sacrifices to see me smile, her pain everytime I cried of hurt. Where will I go find a better friend than her? The only irreplaceable friend, my mother!


  1. Apt expression.
    The pain and the longing can be felt live.


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