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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Longing Love

Days pass in the hope that I will see you
Months roll and yet there are no signs
Eyes gone sore from not seeing you
My lips long for the venomous kiss
to seduce me to a different world
Looking at your pictures
Make me smile all day
The letters and the little talks
Those little things you do to make me smile
I miss kissing those beautiful luring eyes
I wait for the day when you will come
When we will be lost in each other’s eyes
I would want to pour myself into you
Make you mine and scream to the world
That you are ever mine and I am yours
And there is no looking back!
All I want to do every single day
Is to be with you!


  1. It is excruciating to wait for the day to see the person we love. ♡

    1. Right! Thank you for the comment Irene :)


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