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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What should go into my blog!

Today like any other day I was thinking that I should write something on my blog, something useful, something other than the usual boring crap I write everytime and then it occurred to me that I am not a journalist or a research scholar writing a thesis that I should think so much and squeeze my brain to write something useful! So, this is going to be a blog where I am going to talk about something that’s been irking me for a long time. So yes, it’s going to be another full-on ranting session.

 It’s my blog and I had put a considerable amount of time into designing this, I especially love my blog header given the fact that I have no idea on how to work on Photoshop and it is the most complicated tool I have ever used apart from eclipse and loadrunner and QTP. Well I know it is a totally irrelevant comparison, but still I think Photoshop is much more complicated than eclipse and QTP because the first time I used these tools I went bizarre, felt lost and then inferior and tiny infront of these tools. I am not really very brainy. I might look like a geek/nerd when I wear my huge dorky glasses but actually I am not.

When I started writing blogs I started writing it for fun, mostly because I didn’t have anything to do at that time. Then people started liking whatever I write so I started writing more and then I had people e-mailing me saying they got inspired by my writing and they have started writing too! Now that’s something! Made me smile and it still makes me smile J

I am a kind of philosophical person I talk and believe in stuff like if it is meant to be, it will be, whatever happens, happens for a reason. I am totally illogical and believe in miracles. So I wrote about the incidents that changed me and my life in a positive way hoping it might help others who are going through something similar. I had a group of people, well, I still have a group of people telling me what I should write. They say I write the same thing again and again in different ways. Honestly, I don’t write the same thing again and again. So these people they want me to write on the recent rape spree that our country is facing, then on where I stand when it comes to politics and then my views on Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. The latter is already making a fool out of himself so why would I add on to his misery? Now, I want to make this very clear in this blog. I tried all these and when I wrote stuff about all of the above it did not make me happy.

Here’s the thing, I am not going to write techy stuff, on politics, movie or book reviews or anything of that sort because I don’t aspire to get my work published on any magazine on any given day. If it does, I would thank God and keep writing. Writing is my passion. It is a drug that keeps my mind off the things that makes me sad. That’s how I started writing out of sadness, to get out of it. Till today, I am very proud that I made that decision because even today when I write the world around me becomes obsolete. So I’d prefer to write about the things that makes me happy, things that comes to my mind and the things that I think might probably help others get better in their life or make them feel better on the whole. I was taught to have an independent thinking that’s how I grew. I think and live my life the way I want to. I don’t require directions on how to live my life because that way you are living even that single minute of my time that belongs to my life. I am definitely not allowing that. Similarly, I don’t like people telling me what to do. None of us do! I don’t want someone to decide on what has to go into my blog I simply don’t like it and trust me when you volunteer to give me this suggestion I am not taking it. I have a set of people I respect and go to when I need advice. These people matter a lot to me and so does their opinions. Plus, they know me so well that they don’t come up saying, “Hey, you know what? You should be writing about this stuff and not that one!”
I also don’t like people who think they are Gods and they know everything. These people are the most flawless piece of God that they think they can go around commenting about everything and anything they come across. I disrespect such people. I am not throwing some attitude here but I hate their attitude because they are not GOD and they really cannot carry the type of attitude they carry right now!

With all this said, I am missing my blog and my writing. I miss typing non-stop on the word document making people wonder if I am trying to set some type of Guinness record in typing. So, I decided that I will go on an alphabetical spree. Starting today/probably tomorrow I am going to post blogs from A-Z. This way my blog and I are going to remain connected for sometime which gives me so much happiness and I really have so much to write that I can just pour it down while I take this alphabetical spree. Yaay!

I just hope I don’t leave it half the way and get busy with my work again! K

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  1. I have also thought about doing an alphabetical series on my blog.. provided I find enough time for the same ;) Well, all the best for yours :)


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