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Thursday, 12 September 2013

To someone who taught me love

'Be strong because I am not going to give a good news', said my dad from the other side of the phone.  I gripped my phone tighter waiting for him to give me the not so good news, I assumed!
'He is dead' he said quietly after a long pause.

My heart was thumping and I could hear every beat of it loud and clear. There are few things in life you don't want to believe. You just hope that you wake up the next day and everything is back to what it used to be. These are times you wish your life remains that boring, monotonous one that you have hated most of the time. But reality always stands right next to you by your bed and slaps you as soon as you wake up.

Last year I was going through one of the disastrous phases of my life around this time. Someone very close to my heart, someone who taught me what is love rather how to love boundlessly left this world. He was killed in accident ruthlessly and seconds before that he was talking to me. A best friend, a caretaker, someone I looked upto after my father, someone who made me feel secure after him. He gave me love when I needed it the most, he gave me his shoulder when I wanted one to lean onto. A wonderful singer and a guitarist. Someone who taught how to live a carefree life and how enjoy the little things of life and to overlook the worst in a person. He taught me how to cook :) He was almost like my mother!

Everytime I cry I get reminded of what you always tell me, 'Be brave and strong. You are a brave girl. Just know that there is always good in bad. Your good is about to come. You will pass this. I know you will. So smile, because you look so beautiful when you smile.'

Days flew so fast that I cannot believe that I pushed a year without his presence in this world. 

My dear,
I know you are safe and happy in heaven. I just want you to know that you will always be loved and missed. You will always have a special place in my heart.
You are greatly missed.

Thanks to my friends who were with me during this time. I would have shattered if not for you guys! Thank you. You guys are always there when I turn around for help. Love you all :)


  1. Touching! I'm sure he is at a much better place :)

  2. I'm sorry Gayathri about your loss. Don't know what to say other than quote a few words which I wrote once in similar circumstances hoping to offer some solace to a friend who was grieving over the loss of her dear one . I hope my words had brought her some comfort as I hope they will to you.

    Lessons Of Life

    I'm drawn to guess,
    Something I see amiss
    Where she smiles
    But something else she cries

    A dozen expressions
    Mesmeric dimensions
    She wears that lovely smirk
    Though something makes her shirk

    I'll seize this chance
    To humbly sing to her life's balance
    It offers never, anything with ease
    Nor does it intend everlasting peace

    It will toss you around
    Like a futile toy found
    But in that lies the secret -
    Life's most riveting test

    When it makes you remember
    It seals that memory forever
    When it makes you cry
    You know that you are far from lie

    When it causes a fear deep
    It wants to strengthen your belief
    When it leads you through miseries galore
    It cements the glory of your character

    Though I lack in intellect
    To tell you an explanation perfect
    Why it splits us from ones
    Those who are dear to our hands

    All we can hope is that they're delivered
    To some heaven where peace is forever
    And we continue to live our life
    And call it a gift despite being torn by strife

    For those who leave, watch our scars
    From distant spaces bet'n the stars
    They know our hurt and count our tears
    They'd never want us to be stuck here

    Instead, they'd say, with love
    'Cherish me, smile don't sob
    Whenever you think of our days
    A joy you must feel like the warm sunrays

    1. It's lovely Anupam! Thank you for that !


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