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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Friendship day!

Tomorrow’s friendship day! I got all excited and jazzed up the moment I came to know about this. I normally don’t make a big fuss of it. I used to be like friendship day, so? It was all over the moment I finished college and my initial training at office but yesterday I was super excited and was wishing all my office mates in advance for friendship day.

Then I went back to thinking about my good old school and college days when we friends line up out of the shops to buy the fanciest friendship bands and special cards for our best friends, ok-ish card and bands for other friends, sneak the best looking one for our favourite friend (everybody has one). We then meet up and go around the locality looking for the cheap roadside shops to eat channa samosa and then sit on the walls and cycles, talk about our crushes and gossip. I kind of missed that life. I used to save for almost 3 – 4 months to buy the cards and friendship bands but you know what? It felt good. Now our lives have changed so much that we don’t have time to stop by and talk to our friends or even realize that we are changing. With whatsapp and facebook we hardly meet them but thanks to the same we can catch up with those who are not in the same city!

So here’s to my crazy, lovely, sweetest friends without whom I am not, who I am and I am sure I will not be who I will be!

You gave me strength,
You gave me your shoulders,
Everytime I fell you gave me your hand
In you I saw a mother, father, sister, brother and a teacher
I didn't get to choose my family
But lucky I was to choose you
You proved you are more than family
You came into my life and glorified it
Without you I am not who I am
The crazy things we did together
The naughty pranks and the meaningless talks
We fight and say I hate you a thousand times
Yet deep down we know we cannot hate each other
We are the pillars of each other
We never fall apart even if we split
Few are near, few are far
Few don’t talk, few are still angry
Few love me, few hate me by now
Still I want you all to know
I love each one of you
In a very special way

For you have stood with me
Through good and bad
You never let me cry alone
You were always there for me
I am grateful to you for being there
My dear friends! You make my world
So here I am thanking you on this day
That is meant for us,
That is meant to celebrate friendship! J

I would like to take this blog as a chance to thank all the lovely friends who are a part of my life. I am truly lucky to have each one of you! You put up with my craziness and gave me the most beautiful memories in life. I am sure we are going to make more! What other choice do you have! :D Few of you brought the writer in me out and few are still pulling it out so hard :D I know! She will completely come out someday have patience with me you guys!  Also, if I had hurt any of you in anyway I am really truly sorry! I would have never meant to hurt you. Happy friendship day! You mean a lot to me. Anyday, you want me you know where to find me! J Love you all!


  1. You made me shed a tear and then I remembered your lines, What other choice do you have! :D.

    1. LOL You will be so proud and happy to have me in your life one day! :D


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