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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sometimes, alone is happy

The past hurts
Happy I was alone in my world
And then they came along
I thought to lighten up my world
Only lies and betrayal
All fake love and talks
Few Friends I made
Only to know they aren't
They stabbed me behind
Never cared that I cried

Hard it is to say
Harder not to
I miss that real friend
A true friendship
That is hard to reach
I hope I get closer someday
All in vain,
It only gives me more pain

When love is mistaken
I am letting go off things
Off goes my hope
And then the love and care
I stopped shouting
I don't wait for anybody to understand
Understand my silence and longing
Going back to my shell is so easy
I feel very cozy and nice
Protected and loved
I find solace here
Alone is happy sometimes!


  1. Aapke lafzon me toh jaadu hai re ;)

  2. Very touching poem!! I can very much relate to this poem, Though I enjoy my company the most some part of my heart longs to have a true friend!

    1. :) Thank you Sri valli, glad to know that you are able to connect with my thoughts :)


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