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Sunday, 17 March 2013

I, Me and My life!

Photo Courtesy - Shutterstock

I detest the mundane
I seek freedom
Freedom to live
A life that is mine
A world that I rule
Stop judging me and my life
For yours is not perfect
Yes, I am not normal
I don’t need your approval

I am like a wind
I have no boundaries
So don’t try to bind me
I will break it
I am like a river
I don’t stall, I don’t stop
I keep moving steadily
I strive to be different
Different by doing what I like
I like to live for my passion
And for the things I love
I have the courage to do

I don’t fear that years pass
I will stand and wait for what I want
Because I was taught to be brave
I learnt the world keeps talking
Talking about everything you do
So I keep moving forward
Because end of the day it’s me
Living my life and doing my thing
It gives me more pleasure
It makes me feel alive!

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