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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Fountain

You raise up in joy and fall laughing
The slender ripples and the crinkling sound
Never have I heard a soothing sound like this before
I can stand here staring at you for hours
And those are the moments my mind goes blank
You give me the peace and happiness I seek
I smile everytime I see you
You sprinkle on my face to show you know

No matter how high you raise and how low you fall
Keep smiling and never lose the sparkle
because what goes in comes around
Not all day is going to be the same
Happiness is always around the corner
You teach me lessons everyday
serenity and vivacity are the words to explain you
You are the beautiful fountain that make me smile
And everytime I see you I lose my mind!


  1. Somehow the poem reminds me of a young father lifting his kid up towards the sky and playfully tossing him up a bit and catching him with his safe hands :) Beautiful!

    1. thats a new perspective :) thanks a lot Deepa !

  2. You've captured the spirit of a fountain. Lovely poem.

  3. Submerged in delight. Rendering the same enthusiastic and devotional perception towards life can offer the abundance in most difficult phase of life. Rising and falling are integral parts of life but pleasure is never diminished, there’s always the fountain of happiness that can gush from deep within you provided you let it flow.

    1. Exactly Mousumi! Thank you for the visit! :)

  4. That's a beautiful poem and a lovely imaginary.


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