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Friday, 9 November 2012

A walk on the Familiar Road.

I walked on the lonely road
The road that was very familiar
I knew the pits and holes
The smooth and broad
I walked slow and stalwart
Along the most known road

I looked around to see the
places that made me happy
And the places I stumbled
The place where I fell in love
And the places I regretted
I kept moving on and on

And I saw the people who lived for me
The ones who left my heart broken
The souls those were with me through thick and thin
The ones who disappeared during the strides

I had a smile on my face that never faded
Things had changed from what it was
Everything has only gotten better
Better than what I thought it would be
Hopes were paid off, love was returned
Sorrows had disappeared, pain was healed
When few walked out, many came in
When a door closed another had opened

I turned to watch the road I had walked
It was worth the walk, it was worth the struggle
Time is beautiful healer, Life is a wonderful gift
Here I am ready to walk the road ahead
Ready to meet more people,
Anticipating the beautiful surprises,
Waiting to meet my love,
Eager to work on my passion,
Here I set the journey of life
Yet again! But more happier this time
For it is always worth it!


  1. A journey, A life and how beautifully you threaded the emotions. Lovely!

    1. OMG Saru's comment on my blog is something I would cherish and she likes my poem! I am honored! Thanks a lot for the time and comment! :)

  2. imagination at its best.. loved it..

  3. Loved the way you described journey of life with different emotions at different times!
    Beautifully written!

  4. Yes, the road of life is quite a difficult one and requires a lot of patience and resilience to undertake.
    'When few walked out, many came in, when a door closed another had opened.'
    Beautiful line which shows the variety of people and circumstances one encounters in one's life.
    Good post Gayathri :)
    Keep posting :)



    1. Thank you for the comment Jay! I will visit your blog! :)

  5. Oh yes.. Journey of life is best enjoyed when you are happy.. And it is one beautiful journey you won't want to travel half heartily..

    you have beautifully woven the words together :) :)


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