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Friday, 31 August 2012

I want them by my side

I see them and smile,
I wave a hi and sigh,
We talk and share,
Love and care
Yet remains a void,

I close the gadget,
I feel lonely and sad
Lofty is the longing
I want them by my side!

The world has shrunk
Science has advanced
Tied up are the hearts
Painful is the distance
Colossal is the yearning
When I laugh and cry
I want them by my side

Frustrated I am with this virtual world
Tired I am of this mundane life
Beautiful were the days
When there was no money but love
when they stood in front of you
bone and flesh, poking and pinching
giggling and staring!

A selfless love and a giving heart
I want them by my side
When I am alone and fragile
When I need a shoulder to lean
I want them by my side
Just to feel strong and ecstatic
This is the cry of a weary soul
I want them near and I want them here!


  1. Me too gayu.. if u get share with me, If I get I too do

  2. Very true Gayatri..this virtual world has taken a toll on us.

    1. Sadly, It has engulfed our normal life.. ! Thank you for the comment!

  3. oh I will show this to people who asked me a reason why i deactivated FB!

  4. nice one, loved the childhood part you described :)

  5. Truly said.
    They say technology has made life easier but there's so much to ponder if it has made it otherwise!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  6. Beautiful! :)

    Please have a look at this!

    1. Hi Ritvik! Thanks a ton. I will take some time out and answer your questions. I am not sure If I will be able to find 11 bloggers to tag but i will try my best! :)

  7. Wonderful :-). Technology gives a boost to the 'I" quotient and seems to do away with the "Us" quotient.

    1. Thanks a lot Ashwini. :) hmm yes I think so!


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