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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Forgive me.

I decided to leave your hand
Take a lonely road
Nobody to share
Not a single soul to care
Hell it pains
This is not just a heartbreak
it is more like a battle to survive
I am getting killed while leaving you
You know it was not just friendship
Yet I give you what you want
But I can do that only by leaving you

I know this was not permanent
I know we have to part our ways
For I know what it will lead us to
Still I decided to follow
So here I am from where I started
A life without you, sounds so strange
Everything changed in just a moment

Come on! It is too early
I thought we were going to go miles together
doing our crazy things, caring for each other
delusionary was the thought when reality hit hard
Forgive me for leaving you
I am left with no choice
I turned to be selfish
just another human being
who has a heart that wants more

But you know I will come back
And when I do please try to accept me
So flawed I am, so stupid I will be
I will beg for your love and apology
I don't know if you will accept me
But I will wait at your door steps
only for you to call, for that tight hug
Wish you were here now to lean on your shoulder
Noone understands me better than you do
But it's time to leave for I have ruined a beautiful friendship
Forgive me my dear!


So, what do you think? :)