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Friday, 29 June 2012

Single and happy with a beautiful dream!

Trapped and possessed I was
Sad and lonely I was
Obssessed, worried and delirious I was
But when I looked around
not much time it took to realize

I was liberated of the pain
Free bird I am doing my thing
Owning my actions and life,
not a puppet, independent I am
Not waiting for that phone call
Didn't have to wait for permissions

uncommitted I am, happy is my life
No worries and no pain
Not fixated, no propensity
Yaay! I am enjoying my life
I didn't have to do things for him
I lived my way and walked my path

Yet I had hands to hold,
And shoulders to lean on
They came along as I went,
making my life merrier,
balanced was our love,
They left but didn't leave a scar
coz they always came back

I followed my heart
They pushed me from behind
Noone to judge, noone to order
I am living a happy life
Happy I am to be a woman
Who is not obssessed or sad
Happy I am to be the one
who can do what she wants to do
Contented I am with this life
yet I dream about that best friend
who will share my life and not invade it
Who will walk with me and not infront of me
With whom I can share everything
yet not being judged
The one who will be there for me when i go back home
This is a dream, this is a delusion
of a very normal girl like me!

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